Are you ready for Christmas?

Christmas is upon us. We are all looking forward to that much needed break with friends and Family. Most of us have all our shopping done and are just waiting for the big day to arrive? But there are some who have not been able to to find that perfect gift. Well, don’t worry. If you have a geeky minded friend or family member then here are a few Christmas D&D Gift options that may get you the much needed “Squeak” of excitement.

Amazon and Amazon Prime

Most people know of Amazon – Most of you have likely used this Online retailer for a few purchases. If you are lucky enough to have a Prime account, you can get most of these goodies next day or even same day depending on where you are in the world. So without further delay, let’s have a look at what is in Santa’s Sack.

Shirt Of Glory!

From Jumpers to T-shirts – here are a few that jumped out at me – Imaging wearing these while everyone else has simple Xmas clothing

Cups and Glasses

We all got to have a drink at Christmas – whether its Mulled Wine, Beer or Eggnog why not do it in a D&D style

Tree Decorations

So, Christmas is never the same without that main item in the house – The Tree. But without the decorations, it’s very bare and empty. Everyone looks forward to “Tree Day” and getting to decorate the Tree. Imagen giving that activity a D&D feel?

Good Luck And Best Wishes

As you can see there are some good item out there and one or two that I might get myself. By no means is this all that is out there, but hopefully, this might give you that much need nudge in the right direction.

Have a Great Christmas Season and Happy shopping.

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