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The Bandit Raid – Part 1

After killing the bounty hunters attacking their camp, the bandit Barna accompanied their bard home. But what he found on his return was a shock...

Surviving the Mercer effect

It's a more and more common issue at tables, ironically sparked by one of the greatest things to ever happen to the game. Well, one of the greatest people anyway.…

The Bandit King – Part 3

After their first victory, the adventurers make their way toward the bandit's camp... What dangers await them?
Frienda Zinc Alloy Metal Polyhedral 7-Die Dice Set for Dungeons and Dragons RPG Dice Gaming D&D Math Teaching, d20, d12, 2 Pieces d10 (00-90 and 0-9), d8, d6 and d4 (Black and Red)

D&D Dice – Why so many?

Over the years when I have had to explain what Dungeons and Dragons is, one of the many questions I hear is – Why are there so many dice? In…

The Bandit King – Part 2

What happens when a group of people decide to go on adventure? Well, they hit the road… Dylan Becks Writer, Dungeon Master, Fond of cheese. The eighteen-hour trip to Coven…

What You May Not Know About Slimes

The Slime: a gelatinous cube that can devour whole parties of unsuspecting adventurers. Generally found lurking in dungeons, the Slime can be a staple of any D&D game. This creature…

Monster Race Dice

From the creators of both the Character Dice 3.5 Edition and Character Dice 5th Edition – We bring you the Monster Race Dice, allowing you to randomly create up to 7…

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea

A new fantastic addition to Animal Adventures has been announced. If you loved the Dungeons and Doggies, Cat and Catacombs and of coarse Gullet Cove then you are in luck.…