“The beautiful woman of your dreams transforms before your eyes, gaining a fiendish tail, bat-like wings, and a pair of ram-like horns. Her eyes glint with dark power, and as soon as you meet their gaze you once again feel enthralled and ready to give your life for her.”


“I doubt you will ever find anyone else who can make getting your soul sucked out of you feel so good.”

The succubus is a type of demon. They are usually depicted as seductive and alluring creatures, often taking the form of attractive women in order to manipulate and tempt mortals into corrupting their souls. These demons can also appear in male form, commonly referred to as Incubi.

In D&D, succubi are known for their ability to charm and beguile those around them, using their seductive powers to bend others to their will. They are also formidable foes in combat, able to drain the life force of their victims through their touch.

Succubi are often found in the service of powerful demon lords, using their charms to manipulate politicians and other important figures in order to further the goals of their masters. However, they are also known to strike out on their own, using their abilities to gain power and wealth for themselves.

Despite their fearsome reputation, succubi are not always evil. Some may turn their back on their demonic heritage and use their powers for good, although this is rare.

In a D&D campaign, a Succubus could be encountered as a seductive NPC, a powerful enemy, or even a potential ally for the player characters. However, it is important for players to be wary of succubi, as their charms can be difficult to resist and they are not to be trusted easily.

Val the Succubus has a problem...she's in love with a paladin. Tired after years of charming people, can the party help this lonely fiend find the one thing she's never had - a true romantic connection? Helping to ensure her evening goes perfectly will be easier said than done...

Playing as a Succubus

Playing as a succubus in Dungeons and Dragons can be a fun and interesting role-playing experience; it allows you to embody a seductive and manipulative character with formidable abilities.

As a succubus character, you will have access to a range of powers and abilities that are unique to your race. These might include charm and beguilement powers that allow you to manipulate and control others, as well as abilities that allow you to drain the life force of your enemies.

It’s important to keep in mind that succubi are often depicted as being untrustworthy and manipulative, so you will need to decide how your character will use their powers and whether this will be for good or evil. You might choose to play a succubus who is struggling with their demonic nature and trying to use their powers for good, or you might embrace the darker side of your character and use their abilities to further your own selfish goals.

Succubi are able to change their ways and seek atonement, yet very few are able to do this. Atonement involves them finding a way out of the 9 hells, living a chaste and virtuous life and countering every deed they have committed against the gods with 7 good deeds. This path can take centuries to complete.

Overall, playing as a succubus can be a fun and interesting challenge, as you navigate the complex moral landscape of the game world and decide how to use your character’s unique powers.


In combat, succubi are formidable foes that use their charm and beguilement powers to manipulate and control their enemies, while also using their physical abilities to deal devastating damage.

Succubi may use charm spells or other abilities to make their enemies more susceptible to their attacks or to turn them against their allies. They may also use their seductive powers to distract their opponents or to lure them into traps.

In addition to their charm powers, succubi also have the ability to drain the life force of their opponents. This can take the form of a physical attack, such as a touch that drains energy from the target, or it could be a spell or ability that drains the victim’s energy over time. The kiss of a succubus or incubus is not pleasurable but a painful experience that leaves the victim feeling a devastating emptiness.

Succubi are also usually physically powerful and possess the ability to shapeshift at will. This can be used to avoid the attacks of their enemies by sneaking in and striking them when they least expect it.

Whilst succubi are powerful, they are also known to be somewhat fragile. They may have lower health points than other demons, so they might rely on their abilities and charm powers to avoid getting hit, rather than absorbing a high amount of damage.

Overall, fighting a succubus requires careful strategy and the ability to resist their charms and manipulation. A succubus can be a formidable opponent, but a well-prepared party with a good strategy can take them down with forward planning.

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