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Richard Eccles

Creator & DnD Geek

General Geek with a taste for everything geeky, everything from D&D to Board Games. I'm a Technical Manager to pay the bills - so spend far too much time in front of a screen.

Dylan Beckbessinger

Resident DM

App developer by day, Chaotic Neutral dungeon master by night, Dylan has been a DM for 10 years, and an avid fan of all things geekdom for far, far longer than that. Favourite class is eldritch theurge because raw power doesn't need any limits.

Lize Eloff

Noob Guru
The resident goth-geek with a gaming problem. Loves D&D so much, she decided to marry a DM. Avid reader, writer and lover of words.
Megan Hockersmith

Megan Hockersmit

Writer & DM
An aspiring Chaotic Good writer who knows when it is better to pick up a pen versus a sword. Enjoys being a DM when she isn't playing as a Druid.