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A class act: Delving into D&D classes​

When it comes to creating a character, it's all about class. We look at how to go about choosing the right character class to suit your needs.

Love, Seduction and D&D

Ah, L’amour… It’s that time of the year again where we celebrate all things sweet, sentimental, seductive and sexy. The vast open worlds of D&D are no different. Last year…

Animal Adventures, Secrets of Gullet Cove

Steamforged Games have done it again! Following 2 campaigns to launch Dungeons and Doggies and Cats and Catacombs, they have decided to bring out a brand new add-on. I can’t…

Dungeons and Doggies – Animal Adventures Review

Dungeons and Dragons has many creatures from Dragons to Trolls, bird and insect, ghost and elementals. Some of these creatures are intelligent and are able to make decisions for themselves.…
Mage Duality – by David van Zyl

Bringing your character to life

We all spend a lot of time and imagination on our characters. Their looks, their odd quirks, their outfits (and of course, their epic gear) and their styles are all…