Black Friday is upon us and whether you like Amazon or not, they have been one of the main driving force in pushing Black Friday on the rest of the world. Many companies partake in this event, advertising large discounts for a limited time only.

So why not take advantage and see what deals you can get on a new book or miniatures. You might find a great gift for Christmas.

Many D&D Books are discounted… Here are just some of the specials.

You might be able to get digital PDF copies of your favourite source material on Kindle.

Don’t forget about shirts and minitures from Amazon direct.

Amazon is not the only one doing Specials this Black Friday for D&D.

Element Games are a well-established geekdom catering to most of the board game environment. Models, paints and brushes, everything you need to start building your world.

Drive Thru RPG is a one stop shop of both old and new RPGs.

Featuring Pathfinder to Cthulhu, Cyberpunk and Fantasy. So many options from big to small.

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