Dungeons and Dragons has many creatures from Dragons to Trolls, bird and insect, ghost and elementals. Some of these creatures are intelligent and are able to make decisions for themselves. If you have the time and skill you are able to get most of these creatures into playable characters/NPC’s with skills and abilities. Now if that is possible, then why not play as the most faithful four-legged animal – The Dog. Thanks to Steamforge Games, they have made this possible with miniatures, Rules, Maps, Special Doggie Items, and Spells. Welcome Dungeons and Doggies.


Steamforge Games have created highly detailed miniatures for you to use. There are 2 packs available, both with x6 Doggies each – all with their own style and look. Unfortunately, these Doggies do not come painted or styled – but this does leave you with the creative option to style your Dogs the way you like. If you are a budding modeller then this will be the perfect project for you.

Volume 1

Sir Cornelius the wizard leads his group of noble allies into many dangers in their quest for knowledge and adventure, ably assisted by the cunning sorcerer Morgaine, feisty rogue Tedric, Flint, the wily ranger, stoic barbarian Svetlana, and protected by Cerysse, noble cleric of the Good Mother.

Volume 2

The Noble paladin of Light, Cassandra guides her band of companions as they seek justice and work to protect those who need their aid! She is joined by Freya, watcher of the wild places, Hartley the ex-guard dog fighter, Monty, the irrepressible bard who is friend to all, Tobias the mysterious warlock and Nightingale, pampered lapdog turned determined monk.


The game is base on 5th Edition, so starting there would be a good start. The team have however go to the effort in creating rules around this and they can be found here. Here they go into the way to play your four legged friend and how they fit into the word. SteamForge have gone the extra mile and created specific abilities and Feats for all the doggies.

This is where you will find a basic breakdown of each of the 12 Doggies along with there spells and stats – they can be taken as they are or moulded into the Dog that you want.


SteamForge have created custom character sheets and adventures for you – this means even if you are new to DM’ing or DnD and do not have the ability or time to create a whole campaign, then they have at least 6 short encounters ready for you too use – hey, you can even string these into a ready made campaign that you are already working on. SF have made it fairly easy for you to use Doggies in any way you see fit. Here is a full Adventure

Find The Bone

So there you have it, for any one that loves dogs will have a great time with this. I think that with all the materiel, pre-built world and adventures you could happily begin a new game as a new DM – I myself will definitely try this approach as I’ll be DM’ing for the first time.

If you would like the Character Sheets and adventures have a look at the Dungeons and Doggies page

If you are more of a Cat person then do not fret – there will be a Cat and Catacombs released soon. What do you think? – do you see yourself playing as one of these furry characters? The Corgi is my favourite! Let me know what your is down below?

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