The Day For Love? Why not DnD?

So Valentines is just around the corner (or as I like to refer to it as “Singles Awareness Day “#foreveralone) and you want to get something for that special geeky someone.

Maybe you’ve done the romantic dinner or that nice special date? You got all the flowers, nice smelling candles but deep down inside you know your inner geek needs some romance as well. So today we will have a look at some cool ideas both innocent and a bit raunchy that will do well for those couples that like a bit of DnD in their relationships.

Clothing – We start off slow

So before all the kissing starts, you need to look the part. You need to show that special someone “How Good you look” Like a Peacock – Your partner needs to see you! They need to know you are a TRUE Geek. So what else do you need other than a nice shirt?

Cups – Some wine, Tea or Love Potion?

While getting to know or get comfortable with your partner or drowning your sorrows (Depending if you have found the perfect DnD partner)- you need a container to drink out of, so why not do it in style! You might be treated to a Breakfast in bed, or a nice hot drink when you get home? Drinking out of a D20 Cup – “How Cool would that be?”

These are not necessarily romantic but if you don’t want a T-shirt(above) then here is the Mug and Coaster)

Something Shiney

If you are trying to impress that special someone – shiny jewellery is always a good option. Dragons ahh….I mean women, love jewellery! There is something about colourful stones and metals that make them go…Awwwww. Why not hit the spot with some necklaces – make her look beautiful before the magic date.

Dice – Get the night started!

Of course – If your evening has gone well and the moods in the air, why not enjoy the fruits of your labour? You have Wined ‘n Dined, had a good night out – time to go home? or to the bedroom?  Keeping with the theme of DnD, you must have some dice in the mix. See who has that lucky “dice throw”. Find out What, Where and How things will end the night, might be one of the more exciting moments to look forward to.

Whatever you choose, have a Great time with your Special Geek.  There are loads of ways to enjoy DnD, I am sure I can leave the rest up to you to figure out 😉

Let us know what you would do on Valentine’s Day. How would you make this day Geekier?

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