HO! HO! HO! – Merry Christmas

These may not be the words you would normally hear during a DnD session but as it is Christmas, Why not? I have searched high and low, through snow and wind to get some of the things you might need to make for an exciting Xmas themed Adventure.

Santa Clause

The Hog Father, Yule Father, St Nick or Father Christmas. Whatever name you have for him – he plays a big part in the festivities of Xmas, so why not have him visit your game? Have your players been Naughty or Nice?


We can’t leave out his special abilities


Go, Dasher! Go Prancer!… You know the rest?

You can’t have the “Big Man” without the driving force(literally in this case) in front of him. Reindeer are the first thing you see when his “Jingle’ness” arrives, and Hey?, Why Not;

Little Helpers

Santa can’t do it all, he needs some help. With their merry little song, they will have your game in a very musical and productive mood.


These icy statues are a dream for any kid or adult to build (snow permitting). A carrot for a nose, some random stones for the eyes, an old jacket to keep him warm. If you can have him in your garden – Why can’t you have him in a D&D game?

And Finally…The Christmas Tree?

Well, in this case, some Treants. What more can you ask for then to round off your snow-covered battlefield than to have giant animated tree wondering around?

Leave some Room for pudding

So you can see it is very easy to add some Christmas DnD to your game. If you like what you have seen here, do have a look at the Happy Holidays Handbook. In this Handbook, you can find these creatures and loads more. Go and find some Christmas Cheer!

However, you incorporate the Holiday season into your game – We at The DnD Geek wish you a Merry Christmas/Yule and a Very Happy New year.

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