Just picture this; your first session playing Dungeons and Dragons. The excitement, fear, and anticipation of what to expect. In your hand, you have your dice collection, which you probably borrowed. After a few turns of throwing your dice, you begin to hope for a good roll. Kill that monster, dodge that attack or even just to land a good crit. You will find your self with either dice that will always roll High or Roll low. You will start thinking, are these dice lucky or am I really bad at rolling? An obsession begins to take hold. And now, you wish you had your own dice! Why? Because of superstition.

 The Best Part of Owning Your Own Dice

Superstition is something that has been on our minds for thousands of years. Luck is on the brain. You want that good roll all the time. Rolling a 1 could lead to all sorts of terrible things for your character during gameplay.

Let’s face it, it makes sense to have your own dice. It belongs to you; therefore, you have better luck. Some people are so insistent, that nobody is even allowed to touch them; fear of sucking out the luck! Some dice sets are even made from different materials like metals or stone. So let’s add your horoscope to the equation. Depending on when you were born, you have a lucky element (Metal, Water Earth and Fire) Imagine Flamming Dice? – that would be so cool. Get that kind of dice set that matches your personality. The colour scheme even plays a role; so what is your favourite colour?

Although, this does mean you might have to try a few different sets until you find your luckiest set. But worry not, that is all a part of the fun!

 Dice Superstition for Better Rolls

After some trial and error, you eventually found the perfect dice set for yourself. Now, how do you make it even luckier?

Everyone has their own process for generating luck. Besides having your lucky dice set ready, there are so many more ways you can instil luck in your next roll. All you do is pick the ones that appeal most to you, and you may surprise your party with your sudden rise in lucky rolls.

Here are a few I use to get you started:

  • DO not let anyone touch your dice, and especially do not let them ROLL your dice. They can suck the luck right out.
  • Lay down your dice either highest or lowest number facing the top.
  • Keep your lucky dice in a fancy dice bag separated from your other dice.
  • Punish your ‘bad’ dice for terrible rolls.
  • Create a special bond with your luckiest dice by conversing with them and showing them ultimate love.
  • If a dice is completely unlucky and probably hates you, punish and destroy it while the rest of your dice watch what could happen to them.
  • Roll your dice before a session a few times, and get rid of the unlucky rolls.
  • Most importantly, if your dice is rolling brilliantly, keep them going! If you don’t use them continually, they may get cold and lose their lucky streak.
  • Build a dice tower with your lucky dice resting on the top, with all its glory.

 In Conclusion

Creating a lucky atmosphere for your dice will just create overall better rolls. Get your critical strike, dodge those attacks and use Diplomacy to get whatever you want! You can start right here in our store. Browse our selection of dice sets, and pick the one that feels luckiest to you. Having more than the standard 7 dice is also useful to your games to make gameplay faster.

When it comes to your life, make it easier and keep your dice rolling. You may get an addiction, but that is alright. You may scare some people with your obsession, but that is alright too. Your luck is the most important thing in a game and in life.

If you have other ways to use your dice or feel you may be addicted to chance, leave us a comment below! Or let us know on our Facebook Page.

Jackie Liebenberg

I am a versatile freelance writer from Pretoria, South Africa. I have always been fascinated by Media, I studied film and television at Tshwane University of Technology. This has lead me on the writing path, and my knowledge continues to grow.

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