Dungeons & Dragons – A Dicey Feeling

These magical blocks of plastic or metal hold all the power. As they roll out of your hand they can be the deciding factor on the fate of your character. In the game of Dungeons and Dragons, everything is decided on the roll of these little blocks. Many of your attacks, decisions, and actions are determined by these random numbers.

Closer look

7 oddly shaped dice are your main link to the world of DnD. When you need to slice a Troll into two pieces, then there are a number of rolls that need to happen. Even before you have the chance to attack you might need to know if you can see the troll (it could be hiding?) So you need to roll a “Spot check” if you fail this, it can mean the surprise attack you were planning to do on this overbearing monster has now gone out the window.

This random feature of the game can make or break your character(or you, if you take it seriously.) It also makes sure that the game stays exciting – Yes, you are a level 50 warlock-fighter that can kill a giant Dragon in one attack, but if you roll a 1 – you could easily kill yourself in the biggest self-destruction ever.

These actions have spawned many jokes and funny pictures that will make any Geek chuckle. Have a look here.

With this amount of unknown in a game, it is understandable that you start to find certain dice are “Luckier” than others. Some may say that your Dice “Have it out for you” Are they trying to get you killed, or ask, “Why am I rolling so badly?”


We all have a set we prefer or like. have a look at these:

Sometimes we just like pretty or shiny dice. This is understandable as these will be the most used items in your game of  D&D. Of course, you don’t have to have physical dice to play the game – there are online dice rollers available. These I find are only really useful (In my opinion) when you need to roll a lot of Dice, like that 10d6 fireball.

Some dice also hold meaning for more serious players – the first set someone ever used, or maybe a set was a gift from a friend, or maybe one dice rolled really well for you on a day where times were tough. DM’s especially enjoy having different sets for different purposes, meaning any time you’re struggling for gift ideas for one, you can normally never go wrong with dice.

If you like what you see, Grab your very own Dice. Or head over to the shop and have a look at what’s available.

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