One Site to Customise them all

(Yes, that was a LOTR Reference)

Have you ever had the problem that there is nothing on hand that truly shows your character in the light that you see them when playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons?  Do you have to resort to using random items to show your character on the battlefield? I know I used everything from Poker chips to badges.

Well, fear not as there is now a site that will allow you to customize your character in the highest detail you can think of (and as a compact miniature). Is there a catch? Let’s have a look at the features…

The Creation of  Your Custom Miniature

When we first arrive we are bombarded with a mass of options,  Everything from naming your character, to the Type of materials that you can choose. The 3d model will even spin around to give you all the angles of your new creation. This really gives you the feeling of being in a Videogame – I want to go off and complete missions – queue cutscene…

Body, Race, and Style

Jumping straight into the editor you can pick a “Genres” – This is where you can get some sort of theme to your character, from what I can see this has no effect on the options and the styles – mainly changes the background, but Hey, the atmosphere is important, Right?

Next, we have “Races” This is the one major part of the look and feel – we have a choice of up to 5 races each different from one another.

Once you have finished selecting if the Halfling is better then the Turtleman (No I did not make that up) We arrive at the “Head”.  This is where the detail will show, I was truly blown away by the number of options we have here. There are the normal options

  • Face – This made me laugh, mixing different bodies with odd heads
  • Hair – With a large selection of styles
  • Beards – Even for the ladies, we don’t judge
  • Eyebrows – all shapes and sizes

What really blew me away was the amount of customization on the simple things like the eyes – even down to the pupils of the eye.

The crew has even given you the option for facial expressions of your character and different types of teeth – So, are you mean? or always laughing – well now you can show this.

Design the true warrior

Now for the shiny loot – that’s right, the weapons and gear. They have included a whole lot of options including:

  • small pets
  • bows,
  • axes,
  • hammers,
  • and swords of varying styles

basically, anything that would hurt you.

After spending a few hours tweaking and playing with all the options I thought I better move on(it was hard), but I was pleasantly surprised at the options for a Mount – Horses, hounds to even a bike? Let’s hope they introduce the option to create and modify mounts and or random creatures – ie; a Dragon? Just a thought?

Rounding up on the unbelievable ride we get to “Pose”. If you were not impressed, I found this would put the cherry on the top of all the work you have done thus far. All the poses would still retain the items you had assigned earlier, making for a great option to see what your character looks like in battle.

Make them, Doing a lil dance, the next step is choosing the material. You have a range:

  • 2 different types of Plastic
  • Steel
  • Bronze
  • And Digital download ?- Yes, this is not a material.

Side note- If you have a 3d printer they will send you the file to print as a download, Is that not AWESOME?!

Once you have finished your selection then you finish up and order. There you go – you have your very own Custom Miniature.

Simple right? Here are some great finished miniatures.

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Final points

If you like what you see – Why not check out their editor. What I have shown here is just the tip of the iceberg. You will be amazed by what you can create.

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