Strange DnD Creatures

In Dungeons and Dragons, you expect to have a large beast and/or even scarier hordes of creatures that you hack and slash to get that much wanted “XP” or loot, but what happens when the creators have a flight of fancy and figure that they want to create something new and strange? Let’s take a quick look at some of the stranger creatures you might encounter:

Al-mi’raj or Almiraj


Al-mi’raj resembles a rabbit, but they possess large, spiralling horns on their foreheads, much like those of unicorns( So this makes Bronies very excited). Most al-mi’raj have yellow fur, though many other colourations are known to exist. They are also noted for their incredible aggression, as an Al-mi’raj that feels threatened will charge at anything and attempt to stab it with its horn.

If you want an easy Lvl 1 adventure that involves this little guy, check out this site here.


DnD Wiki

If you imagine a jellyfish, but one that uses streams of air to propel itself through the air. It also has eyestalks,  and it lives in a peaceful commune,  with the ability to changes colour like a mood ring. Well, you basically just imagined a Flumph. Best of all? These crazy-looking things aren’t even bad – they’re lawful good. They are a Pastafarians  best friend -The Flying Spaghetti Monster –praise his noodly goodness


The Peryton is said to have the head, neck, forelegs and antlers of a stag, combined with the plumage, wings and hindquarters of a large bird, although some interpretations portray the Peryton as a deer in all but colouration and bird’s wings.


D&D Beyond

The carbuncle is a rare, clumsy creature that appears as a mixture of pig, aardvark, and armadillo. Set in its head is a large shining ruby, which varies in value and is actually part of the animal. A carbuncle will often approach a party of adventurers and use its telepathy to communicate the value of its ruby to them. Obtaining this ruby is not a simple task, however, as the gem turns to worthless dust if the creature dies. To further complicate matters, carbuncles can will themselves to die and have no fear or concept of death. It takes careful coaxing by a wizard or character of a strong personality to get the carbuncle to give up its gem willingly.


The Grell is a levitating creature with a body like a giant exposed brain the size of a human and with a frontal beak, below which trails ten long pale tentacles. The Grell is usually found underground and are particularly dangerous and vicious. The tentacles carry small spines that injectparalyzing venom into a victim.

What do you think – are these strange enough for you? I know there are so many options out there but it would take forever to cover them, there are a few creatures here that I would make think a good adventure?

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