D&D Beyond or D&D Wiki?

We all know how massive the world of D&D can be. Apart from all the books and bibles, we have different editions to keep up with. All those rules, stats, and spells. It gets tiring looking through all those books. Fear not, the Internet is here to save the day.

Worldwide Web.

In this day and age, we have most if not all the information at our fingertips. If we need to know what a certain spell can do or how a Balhannoth can handle a fireball – Just Google it. When you do you get many options; D&D Wiki being one of the biggest.

D&D Wiki has been around for a very long time and was one of my go-to sites for research. It has most, if not all the information you need and will even lead you into other rules/spells and lore. The only thing was that it is a Wiki and not very easy to read. Yes, it has all the information but you need – but you have to sort through loads of pages.

D&D Beyond; Wiki and UI for creation.

What makes D&D Beyond so good? Well apart from the site being newer and of a better design, this site provides you with all the information (Like D&D Wiki) but in a more manageable way. It offers a way to create both characters and monsters which is perfect for both Player and DM. Thus getting away with 3rd party creation apps. It’s a one-stop online guide for D&D. The DM will really enjoy this as campaigns, monsters and spells can be customised.

At first, it’s quite daunting. It gets easier the more you work at it as with all of Dungeons and Dragons. It has a vast selection of forums, guides, and videos. Very easy to get lost. Take a look.

Which one is better?

Well yes, D&D Beyond is newer and shinier. It boasts a cleaner feel and more options. This is down to the fact that – from what I can see – This site is owned by Wizards of the Coast and has full access to the D&D World. So you would expect it to look good. The downsides; (if this bothers you) You have to sign up to use any of the features. Plus there are a few annoying ads that pop up from time to time.

Side note: There is a mobile version as well but at the time of this article it is still in development and there are still plans to add more to the platform.

D&D Wiki is the old boy on the block but bearing that in mind – the site is free and you may find more varied information here if you are well versed in D&D.

What do you think? New or Old?
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