A new fantastic addition to Animal Adventures has been announced. If you loved the Dungeons and Doggies, Cat and Catacombs and of coarse Gullet Cove then you are in luck. The Faraway Sea is a Seadogs (and other animal) adventure which will expand the world for even more adventures.

Addition to Gullet Cove

As the last Kickstarter was such a success, Steamforge has decided to create another adventure, playable classes,  one-shot ideas, and new miniatures. Currently, the pack consists of the book and a mini Kraken….as with the last campaign I believe there will be more as goals are reached.

The Creator's words.

Beyond Gullet Cove, past the Isle of Dogs, lies the floating shanty town of Flotsam. Built from lashed-together ship hulls and floating debris, Flotsam is the last frontier at the edge of the Faraway Sea. 

Banked by walls of impenetrable fog, edged with frenzied lightning, the Faraway Sea is a place of wonder, magic, and terrible danger. For you see, beyond the mist and the storms lies an endless chain of islands. Impossible islands, ever-changing, suffused with magic, chaos, and mystery.

When the great Orrery in Flotsam’s tower blazes with light, the floating town fills with groups of adventurers vying for contracts and bickering over supplies. 

Why? Because that strange light heralds the arrival of a new island — for a time, at least. Every island is different, but they all hold secrets, strange inhabitants, deadly monsters, and riches. Such riches! 

Gaining those riches is far from easy. After all, in a realm where animals talk, trees can walk, and rocks might eat you alive, the cost of treasures can prove great indeed. One mustn’t linger too long on an island, so the Flotsam saying goes, or the island won’t let you go.

But for those courageous and quick enough, glory can be found in the Faraway Sea!

Launch Trailer

Want to know more?

If you are interested in this new adventure, keep an eye on The DnD Geek as we will be sharing more updates and if you want to get your hands on The Faraway Sea here is the Kickstarter link.

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