Tabletop Pubs for D&D

Which pubs, in and around London allow for tabletop gaming? I love a good pub and a cold Pint with good friends. But how often have you sat down in one of these cozy pubs with its fireplace, old furniture, and thought to your self – this looks like a tavern. I wonder how a game of D&D would work here?

Many Pubs allow for some games, mainly simple board games or card games. This is becoming very popular around England. Here is a list of some of the few pubs that I have found to either support the Geeky culture or have an active D&D group.

Star of Kings

The Star of Kings is placed very nicely near Kings Cross Station making travel very easy. Boasting live music/DJs, private basement and rooms for events. This pub hosts a social Geek community most Saturdays and the first Wednesday of every month. Overboard (Previously Deviant Robot) has been very active and friendly towards anyone looking to join the geek world. RSVP is required.

Google rating of 3.9 stars

The Counting House

The Counting is a Typical Chain pub that comes with all the fixtures of an old pub – oak wood, leather seats and a grand glass dome? Ok, maybe not so typical Old Pub. There is an active D&D group that meets up every Monday. RSVP is required.

Google rating of 4 stars

The Crosse Keys

Pretty much in the centre of London lies The Crosse Keys. Getting its name from a famous coaching inn, sharing the same name. With a vast hall, there is plenty of space to roll your dice. The D&D group meets every Sunday. RSVP is required.

Google Rating of 4.1 stars

The Madd Hatter

Another chain Pub with a difference – its a hotel as well. If that is not important to you, the bar’s theme does revolve around Alice in Wonderland which will give a twist to any D&D adventure.

Speaking of D&D there is an active group that meets every Tuesday. RSVP is required.
Google Rating of 4.1 stars

Explore and find more

This is just a small taste of the pubs out there. With a simple search on groups like Meetup you can find many groups that focus on D&D, Board Games and more. Go and explore.

What do you think makes for a good Tabletop Pub?

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