Steamforged Games have done it again! Following 2 campaigns to launch Dungeons and Doggies and Cats and Catacombs, they have decided to bring out a brand new add-on. I can’t wait to get my hands on this.

Kickstarter pledge

As the last 2 pledges went so well, Steamforge are planning another kickstarter for you to get some of the first packs with special extras! This will add to the universe of Dungeons and Doggies & Cat and Catacombs with new Doggies, Cats and Maps.

Priced at $70 (around £54), the core pledge includes 21 unpainted minis—from feline wizards to canine clerics—with further minis to be unlocked throughout the campaign. 

One miniature, a Paladin dog named The Warden of the Golden Collar, will be a Kickstarter exclusive. 

As well as the miniatures, the core pledge includes an illustrated, hardback book with artwork provided by leading industry artists, and a collection of maps.

Closer Look at Whats New

We have been lucky to receive a sneak peak into some of the miniatures that will be offered

“Click on Images to open Gallery”

Where can I get mine!!

Well, as the title image says –  On the 28th of January 2020 the Kickstarter will start. I will be trying to get mine as soon as I can and will update you guy as soon as I can. Do keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for updates and links to Kickstarter.

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