Hi guys and Gals, as you can see we have a new design and look to the site. This page and shop have been in the works for far too long and I hope you will like what is here. If you are new then welcome and enjoy. I know there is a lot of you that have been apart of the Facebook Page for a while.

You will have seen the changes and if you feel there is something you would like in the shop or would like to see on the page, please use the contact page

What’s New and What’s to Come on The DnD Geek.


So yes, there is a shop which is the main reasoning for this page. I’ll be focusing on everything D&D, Dragon, and general Geek goodies. At the moment I am starting off small but will add more products and categories in the future. For now, we have Dice and Bags for all your pretty rolling gear. Books and Bibles for all your rules, guides, and more. Jewelry as shiny stuff is always nice and finally, Shirts as looking the part is a plus.

D&D News, Events, and Discussions.

I would like to create a community, that will have interesting articles on Ideas, DM’ing, Character creations, and general discussions on playing the game of Dungeons and Dragons. I will look for D&D related topics and discuss them on this website. So “Go forth – and explore”

Have any questions? Any ideas on D&D? Let us know and get in contact.

Richard Eccles

General Geek with a taste for everything geeky, everything from D&D to Board Games. I'm a Technical Manager to pay the bills - so spend far too much time in front of a screen.


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